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Mooove on over!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

My adorable grandees very relieved the mummy moooved on lol

What a fantastic life for younguns on land to grow up with the freedom of exploration!

Possibly as they grow into adolescents they may move on but there’s those that continue with the life that’s impacted their whole being

I choose to tell stories and share pics of life in the country because I’m not a city kid!

Besides I love country

But I don’t like flies bugs🐛 and savage animals 🐗🦖 🤪 and where I go I have to have an endless supply of that liquid gold being 💧

Spoilt I say 🌻 so up off the ground for me camp wise

Hopefully one day I’ll get a book or two into the towns to share with the kids that only get to visit or read about ‘life on a property’

No point saying ‘life on the land‘ - we are all on one land 🐝

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