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Fencing Day at Bubble Gum Gully


Dad (Bruce), Mum (Angie), Ruby (age 5), Archie (age 4) and a baby girl named Charlie live on 'Bubble Gum Gully Farm'.

Ruby goes to school. She is in Prep. Mum drives her to meet the school bus every day. On weekends and school holidays, Ruby goes with Dad to check dams and mend fences. It is heaps of fun. Archie doesn’t go to school. He gets to go with dad whenever he likes.

Mum's Parents, Grennie and Grandad live next door on their property – ‘Apple Grove’. Sometimes Grandad helps Dad with the jobs.

Today Ruby, Archie, Dad and Grandad are going fencing. Mum has packed some yummy lunch to take along. The dogs are going too. Baby Charlie is too young to spend the whole day driving around the farm, so she stays home with Mum.

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Age  3 and up


Lewie the Little Lamb


Lewie lives on a farm with his Mum and Dad, other lambs, sheep and Dolly, the dog. Dolly is deaf. Dolly likes to ride in the back of the farm ute. Farmer Joe and Mrs Farmer take care of all the animals.

Lewie discovers that even though he has a brilliant life on the farm with his mum,dad and all his friends, there will be those who see the world differently to him.


Lewie learns that if he is feeling sad,he should talk with Mum and Dad.
Talking to a friend helps too. Being kind is the best thing to do.

Available in: Print

Age  3 and up

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Girl Holding Lamb
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