About the Books, Illustrators and the Author

Lewie the Little Lamb

The idea of writing about a lamb discovering that life will not always be a bed of roses comes from my own personal dislike of anyone being unkind to another. I figured instead of getting involved in the human side of it I would touch lightly on the subject through the eyes of a little lamb. My son who was affectionately known as Lewie, was a very kind soul and because of his strong dislike for those being subjected to another’s cruel intentions I decided to call the little lamb Lewie.

I thank the delightful little artists who illustrated Lewie's story.


Fencing Day at Bubble Gum Gully

I turned to writing and self-publishing a children’s book to help me cope with the death of our son. It all really started about four years ago when our son died in a car accident. I was trying to come to grips with what it was all about and I just had all this pent up emotion.
I decided to write about my own little grand-kids out where I live and it would be mainly farm stories. The story also includes little life hacks throughout. For example, I also include things like when you are finished with your little camp fire, make sure you pour water on it, because sand isn’t a good idea.

My son wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time of his accident, so I’ve put a picture of a seatbelt in there and I say every now and then in the book to buckle up. So that’s just another little bit of myself.


About the Author - Pamela (Goodman) Lewis

I was born in Charleville in Queensland in 1957. My early years growing up were spent in droving camps and railway sidings in and around the area. I am married and have three children. Sadly my eldest sleeps with the Angels. The things I value most in life are my country, my heritage, my family, my friends and all those others on my journey who have in their own special way left footprints on my heart

I choose to write stories about children because I love their innocence, their lack of experience and their brilliant colourful outlook on life. My wish for all children is that they will be introduced to the values and morals that most of us have been fortunate enough to experience in our lifetime. They are our future and by making them feel safe and loved they will grow up to make a nearly perfect world.