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Who’s the grown up 🐝

when you as the adult are introduced or just connects to a new person and you decide you want to pursue a relationship with this person then you bring out all the bells and whistles to achieve it

if you don’t go the whole nine yards and put the effort in because you have become slack or you are just a born dead shit then that other person will see thru this and move on

same goes for little children

little children are born to learn from an elder

that’s our duty

to nurture and inform them on the better parts of life such as knowledge and wisdom

they are little sponges and absorb absolutely everything

what they do with this knowledge as an adolescent and then a grown up is up to them but hopefully along the way if you’ve maintained a healthy wholesome relationship with them then you and they are forever blessed

those who expect the young people to ‘adhere’ to their way because they think their way is the right way are kidding themselves

another adult will just mutter words like you’re a loser what a dickhead and so forth and so on but a child because it’s not appropriate at their young age to use these words will clam up and you will lose whatever faith and trust they had in you [ I bet that they will let fly when no ones listening though 🙂]

so I totally understand when a person gives up on another or a child disassociates themselves from another

the most posionous of all elder / child relationships is in the family unit

don’t be thinking you will bully a rellie or your child into ‘liking’ you

you must not try to hold anything over their heads so they will ‘like’ you

a lot of family do

it’s not healthy and will go sour

all it will do is create a very unbalanced individual who crashes thru life when he or she should be cruising instead

the only solution to the problem is to remove yourself from such an environment if possible some of the more fortunate will with some help from others or another and will go forward and flourish

unfortunately for some it’s not that simple

such is life 🦋

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